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Beautiful - A Dantana Fanfiction (Chapter 3)

This story is unedited. By the time it’s posted over on my fanfiction.net account, there may be some minor changes to it. Just keep that in mind when reading through this.

Title: Beautiful
Rating: Teen with eventual sexual themes
Characters: Dani / Santana from Glee
Summary: A/U. Santana is bullied every day at school because she is a lesbian. Dani is new the McKinley, with a shaky past of her own.It’s almost an instant attraction, but they both have a lot to work through.

Chapter 3

“So, um… what made you write that song?” Santana walked beside Dani across the parking lot after glee rehearsal.

The blond kept her eyes trained on the ground as she spoke, “I had a bad break-up over the summer.” It was the only way she knew she could describe it without giving away too much of what had happened at her last school.

“He must have been a real jerk.” Santana decided to test the waters with her wording. She got a feeling from Dani that a guy wasn’t the case, but she definitely wanted to make sure.

“Something like that,” she spoke softly as she tilted her head up to the side to look at Santana.

The pair came to a stop at Santana’s car as she dug into her bag for her keys. “Where’s your car at?”

“Oh, I don’t have one… I live pretty close so I just walk.”

The brunette eyed her for a moment. She wanted to offer her a ride home, but she’d only just met the girl and didn’t want to frighten her away by seeming too forward. “Alright… I’ll uh, I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

“Yea,” she couldn’t stop the smile that came to her face as she looked into Santana’s eyes again. There was definitely something about the taller Latina that drew her in. It was becoming obvious to Dani, that Santana was feeling the same thing toward her, but was also being cautious. “See you.” She lifted her hand to wave before hooking her thumbs in the straps of her backpack and walking away. Once she got a little further away, she glanced over her shoulder and was pleased to find that Santana was still watching her. Yup, Santana felt the connection too.

Santana went to reach into her backpack for her phone to send Quinn a text, only to realize it wasn’t there. “Shit,” she cursed herself as she started the engine and pulled her car up to the front of the building. Hopefully her phone was in the auditorium. It must have fallen out of her pocket. She shut her car off when she was in front of the entrance closest to the auditorium. After shutting off the engine, she grabbed her keys and went back into the building.

“Thank goodness,” she spoke to herself when she saw the red device sitting on the floor by the stage. She picked up the phone from the floor and unlocked the screen. As she walked out of the auditorium, she stared down at the phone to type out a text message to her best friend.

“Lookie what we got here.”

Santana instantly froze. She debated for a brief moment as to whether or not she should just keep walking, but part of her feared for what would happen to her. It was after school hours, there were very few teachers still left in the building. At such a late time, she even wondered if there was anybody left other than that janitor who wears the headphones while he cleaned.

“What’re you doing dyke?”

“Getting my phone, what’s it to you?”

“Maybe if you didn’t have your head stuck up that new girl’s ass you wouldn’t be so forgetful.”

“The new girl has a name.” Santana looked back down at her phone. Just as she hit the send button, Karofsky snatched it from her hand and slammed it down to the ground. “The actual fuck.” Santana saw red at that point, she didn’t care if there were two of them and one of her. She swung at the taller footballer. A hiss of pain escaped her teeth at the way her hand stung upon the impact with Karofsky’s jaw.

“Now, my mom taught me to never hit a girl… never said nothing about hitting one that hit me first.” Santana doubled over in pain when his fist connected with her stomach. It knocked the wind out of her and caused tears to sting the corners of her eyes. “Maybe next time you’ll know your place. Down on your knees, where you belong.” He high-fived Azimio as they both left her on the floor.

With shaking hands, she reached for the pieces of her phone. When it hit the floor, the back flew off of it and the battery popped out. When she pieced it back together, she flipped it around only to notice the screen was shattered. After taking a deep breath, she stood up and slowly walked out of the school. Her mind was racing as she went to her car. She barely noticed the phone vibrate in her hand, telling her she received a new text message. Once Santana was in her car she looked at the screen and prayed it would work so she could text Quinn back.

Quinn: Yea, sure. I can come over like 7?

Santana silently prayed that her phone worked, she had to press a lot harder on the screen to get it to register her touches, but it worked long enough to respond to her friend.

Santana: Just got home. Mom’s sick. Maybe tomorrow

The response came almost instantly.

Quinn: Uh, no you’re not. I see your car at the school, what’s going on?

Santana’s eyes shot up. She frowned when she spotted Quinn near her own car. It appeared as though she was chatting with Rachel. She quickly wiped at her eyes before she threw her phone onto the passenger seat and started the engine. Santana never replied to her as she sped away from the school. She couldn’t go home, not right away at least. Her stomach was hurting her too much, and it would be too obvious to her mother that something wasn’t right.

The only thing that lit up her mood some was when she passed Dani who was walking along the sidewalk. She glanced up into her rear view mirror as the blond crossed the road, heading into an apartment complex. Well, at least Dani didn’t lie to her when she said she lived close by.

Santana’s hand came to rest on the spot where Karofsky’s fist had made friends with her stomach. “Fuck.” She pushed out through clenched teeth. The area he struck was swollen and tender to the touch. Cheerios practice in the morning would definitely be rough. With what she said to them, and how she constantly talked back to them, she guessed she deserved it. She deserved the response she had gotten. “Stupid.” She slammed her right hand on the steering wheel. Had she not punched him, would he of hit her? She didn’t know.

After taking the long way to get to her house, she pulled into the driveway. That’s when she noticed how swollen her hand had become. Doing any type of school work the next day would be interesting. She gathered her composure before grabbing her backpack and heading into the house. She ignored the way her phone vibrated again as she kicked her shoes off at the door and walked up the steps without so much as a word to her parents.

Once she was safely in her bedroom, she closed and locked the door behind her. Santana then reached for the power button of her stereo. Once music filled the room, she cranked it up to drown out all other sounds in her house, and in her head. It was all she knew. All she could do to relax. The Latina stripped out of her Cheerios uniform, which was miraculously left untouched that day. Another hiss escaped her mouth as she tried and failed to unhook her bra. Instead of fighting with it, she just pulled it up and over her head. It could be dealt with later on. Using her right hand had never been much of a strong point for Santana, but she found herself stuck doing it as she dug through her dresser. Eventually she decided on a long sleeve, thin white shirt and a pair of black pajama pants with rubber ducks all over them. She couldn’t help but chuckle every time she saw them. Leave it to Brittany with her ducks.

Once she got dressed, she stretched out on her bed, on her back and just stared at her ceiling. How had her world come to this? Her hand throbbed, her stomach ached, and she now feared for her safety whenever she was near Karofsky and Azimio. There was no way she would stand a chance against them together. Silent tears started breaking free from her eyes. Santana made no attempt to wipe them away as they slid down the side of her head and got lost somewhere in her hair. She just didn’t care anymore…


“I’m worried about her, Quinn.” Rachel walked with the taller blond up the pathway from Santana’s driveway to her front door.

As much as Quinn hated to admit it, she did too. All she could do was not to her friend. “We’ll figure it out.” She reached out to knock on the door before pushing it open. “Hello?” She called out as she entered the house. She knew better than to wait for someone to answer the door. All the times she’d been there over the years, it finally got to the point where she was told to just walk in.

“Quinn, what a nice surprise.” Maribel came up to the blond and wrapped her up in a hug, “and Rachel, nice to see you girls.”

“We’re going to assume Santana’s here?” Rachel questioned, “her car’s outside… and well, we could hear the music before we even came in.”

Maribel sighed as she looked at the girls in front of her. “I don’t know how to help her…”

Quinn nodded in full understanding. “We’ll be upstairs with her, Maribel.” The older woman nodded as she watched the girls walk up the stairs. “I bet her door’s locked.” Quinn tried it and chuckled softly when she realized she was right. “Do you have a bobby pin. I only have one.” She pulled it from her hair without a second thought.

“What are you doing?” Rachel questioned, but started to dug into her purse anyway.

“Unlocking her door.” Quinn spoke as if it was something that everybody did on a regular basis. She smiled as she was handed another pin. She used her teeth to unfold both of them before she started working on the lock.

Rachel covered her eyes to keep from seeing her friend at work, “how did you? Wait… never mind, I don’t want to know.”

“Friends with Santana, and Puck.” Was all Quinn had to say for Rachel to catch on. “And…” she twisted the doorknob, proud when the door opened under her touch, “we’re in.”

Rachel just shook her head. She couldn’t find anything to say as she followed the blond into Santana’s room. She eyed her fellow brunette on the bed. Her heart broke as she spotted the tears freely falling from her unblinking eyes. Santana didn’t even seem to react when Quinn shut off her stereo.

“San?” Quinn spoke gently as she approached the bed. It was obvious that the Latina had been stuck in her thoughts. “Hey, Santana…”

What happened when Quinn touched a pant covered leg, scared both of them. Santana gasped loudly and jerked away from the touch. When she looked at Quinn and Rachel, there was nothing but fear in her eyes. “When… when did you guys get here?”

Rachel helped herself to sitting on the bed beside Santana, “a few minutes ago…” she trailed off as she took note of her friend’s behavior. “Santana, we’re worried about you.”

“Don’t be, I’m fine.” She rolled onto her side to face away from them. Her eyes clenched shut. There was nothing more that she wanted then for them to just leave her alone.

Quinn made her way to the other side of the bed to sit down. “I call bull shit. What happened?” There was no response. Santana didn’t even open her eyes. “We saw you go back into the school.” That was all it took for a sob to break free from Santana. Quinn, without a second’s thought, wrapped her friend in a tight hug. Seeing Santana break down like that, scared her. It was something she’d never experience before from her usual fiery friend. “Honey, we can’t help you unless you talk to us.” She glanced at Rachel, who appeared just as worried as she was. Santana mumbled something against Quinn’s shoulder.

“Karofsky?” Rachel questioned. She’d heard most of what Santana had mumbled. She was forced to swallow back her own tears when Santana nodded. “What happened?”

Still, Santana didn’t speak. She pulled away from Quinn to retrieve her phone from her purse. It was then tossed onto the bed. Rachel grabbed it and flipped it over to see the spider web crack that covered the entire screen. After taking a deep breath, Santana then held out her swollen left hand.

“I just got so mad…” Santana answered the question she knew they were going to ask.

The phone still in her hand, Rachel quickly left the room, “getting ice,” was all she said.

Santana didn’t speak to the tenderness of her stomach. She hated when people worried about her. She always told herself that no matter what happened, she would be strong enough to get through it. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t handle on her own.

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